Generally, WMSA club events will run it on the given date with a fall back date that occurs on the following Sunday. If the event then does not run, that event is normally cancelled. However, Xmas Cross Country and open events are treated differently. If the Xmas Country does not run on the given date, notification will be given for a later date(s). If an open event is postponed, we will try and announce it on this site, via email to club members, visitors who have registered interest, and the BMFA giving as much notice as possible.

For those scale soarers amongst us calendars on the Scale Soaring UK and Whitesheet websites might be of interest.

Below is the calendar for WMSA activity. It is ubject to change, so please look at this page on a regular basis.

January 2018:

11th Club meeting

14th Club Xmas Cross-Country (reserve day) - Due to low lift conditions, not held.

February 2018:

8th Club Meeting

11th Club competition - Loops - Not run dues to weather conditions

18th Club Competition - Loops (reserve day) - Not run dues to weather conditions

25th Club Competition - Loops (reserve day)

March 2018:

8th Club meeting

11th Club competition - Spot Landing

18th Club Competition - Spot Landing (reserve day)

April 2018:

8th Open Spring Cross Country

12th Club Meeting

22nd Open Spring Cross Country (reserve day)

May 2018:

10th Club meeting

13th Club competition - Limbo

20th Club competition - Limbo (reserve day)

June 2018:

14th Club meeting

17th Club Competition - Club Summer Cross Country

24th Club Competition - Club Summer Cross Country (reserve day)

July 2018:

12th Club meeting

15th Club competition - Climb to Height

23rd Club Competition - Clib to Height (reserve day)

August 2018:

9th Club meeting

12th Club Theme Day

19th Club Theme Day

September 2018:

13th Club meeting

16th Open Autumn Cross Country

30th Autumn Open Cross Country (reserve day)

October 2018:

11th Club meeting

14th Club competition - Pylon Race

21st Club Competition - Pylon Race (reserve day)

November 2018:

8th Annual General Club meeting

11th Club Competition - Limbo

18th Club Competition - Limbo (reserve day)

December 2018:

13th Club meeting

16th Club Xmas Cross-Country