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F3F Toxic Maiden Flight

Video of a Polish model glider. Flying on Crook Peak in very light West wind. Acquired second hand and Kingmax servos fitted, a Radiomaster R88 receiver and two 18650 cells for battery. Flying with a Radiomaster TX16s.

F3F Glider Hand Catch

Bruce Hudson hand catches his RC F3F glider. The model is the 'Great Wall' (now called 'Alpha') from TJIRC in China. Flying on Crook Peak, Somerset, England.

RC Gliding off Crook Peak

Short video made by Clive Brown of some radio controlled glider launches by the West Mendip Soaring Association at Crook Peak, North Somerset, England

Landing . . . . Well, Maybe

This is a collection of video clips shot in slow motion showing overshoots and landing on the Razor, Crook Peak, Somerset. First pilot is Rob Cook, second is Clive Haynes and the third is Pat Teakle. Filmed by Alan Perry.

Crook Peak Flying Sites

Using Google Earth, this is a fly around the five launch sites on Crook Peak, Somerset.

Only Once in a Lifetime

This is a Chris Williams video of his 1/4 scale HW-4 Flamingo and DFS Habicht flying in the clouds.

Slingsby Skylark Maiden

This is Terry Maynard's Slingsby Skylark maiden flight. It's a 5 meter glider, three section wing with ailerons,  airbrakes, elevator and rudder controls. Flight was off Crook Peak, West Mendip, Somerset on the North slope.

Windy Day on the West - Another Day

This yet another windy day on the West slope. This shows attempts made to get a very light model flying with not much success

Taking to the Air Once More

This is the first flight of John Baileys newly aquired model. Similar to a Phase 6 but designed and buit from scratch. John aquired the model at a club Bring and Buy Sale.

In this video John is flying the model at Maes Knoll, which is an Iron Age hill fort in North Somerset, England, located at the eastern end of the Dundry Down ridge. See here for an aerial view of the location.

Flight of the JW Glider

This is a video of the JW Glider flying. This model was designed and built by John Whittle. It has a fibre glass fuselage, built up wings with a D section in balsa wood and covered in film. The tail plane is all moving. Originally, a Cox 1.5cc glow engine was installed. Four channel radio control gives elevator, rudder, aileron and motor control.

As far as we know it wasn’t flown until it became into the possession of Terry Maynard- a WMSA club member. He converted to electric power and other modifications to get it to flying condition.


Mid-October and it was cold and windy up Crook Peak and the flying wasn't very good off the rocks, so .........

Pat Teakles Leprechaun

This is a video showing the first flight of Pat Teakle’s version of the Leprechaun, which was a Dick Twomey design that first appeared in Aeromodeller, March 1950. Flown of Crook Peak, West Mendip, Somerset on 21st October 2018.

Yet Another Windy Day Up Crook Peak

This is short video of some attempts to fly off the Razor up on Crook Peak, Somerset on 19th September 2018. Wind was gusting to over 40mph.

Windy Launch

Short video on the launch of Pat Teakle's scale scratch built model of Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug (DFS) Sperber Junior on a very windy and turbulent day. Pat Teakle is the pilot and the launcher was Pete Evans (WMSA Club Chairman)

F3F Racer

This a video of club member, Bruce Hudson, flying in a F3F competition - This was the English Open which was held at Whitesheet on 18-19th August 2018.

Big Chief

A short video of Pat Teakle and his scratch design and built Big Chief. This model is based on the Keil Kraft Chief from long, long ago. This one has a 100-inch (254 cm) wingspan and is controlled by rudder and elevator only.

It was flown of Crook Peak in Somerset, England. Pat and other members of our club (WMSA) plan to fly from there every Sunday and Wednesday.

Limbo Action

This is a short video of Andy Fowles attemting to fly a model between to poles, i.e. Limbo. Video cameraman was John Bailey

A380 PSS

This is a short video of Dave McLeans A380, setup for PSS. This flight was on 16th February when we were on the the Razor. Note: Engine pods have been removed for the flight. This is to reduce drag and damage on landing.

Ancient Glider

This a short video of Pete Evans Keil Kraft Chief. Original design dates back to 1950, but Pete made this one some 40 odd years ago. Originally is flew free flight, but later Pete converted it to radio control. Tissue/dope covering is very delicate now but balsa airframe seems strong enough.

Catch Me If You Can

This a video of Bob Flook showing his expertise of catching a flying wing. Note: If you are going to attempt this, please be careful. Somebody, who shall remain nameless, got hit on the head on one of their attempts.

Fauvel A-36

This is a short video of Trevor Hewson's Fauvel A-36 that was flown off Whitesheet's Scale Meet held on 4th June 2017.

Flight of the Concorde

This is a video of the maiden flight of Pete Evans's Concorde (PSS). This was at Whitesheet on Sunday 4th June 2017.  Quite a short flight because by the time Pete got it trimmed out it had sunk too low to get back into lift. After that rain came in and stopped play, but the model lives to fly again another day. Pictures of the event are here.

Flight of the Minimoa

This the maiden flight of a Royal Models kit (not ARTF) 1/5 scale Göppingen Gö 3 Minimoa glider. Wingspan is 3.4 metres. It belongs to Peter Evans. Flight was off the North slope, Crook Peak in Somerset on 30th October 2016.

Flight of the Optimist

This is a video of Chris Holloway's 4 metre, 1/4 scale Edgley EA-9 Optimist flying off the 'Razor' on 16th October 2016. This model originally belonged to the Late Terry Lidstone. This was the first flight of this model by Chris.

Flight of the Red Devil

This is the first successful flight of the Red Devil. This is a scale model of the SZD-6x Nietoperz which was a single-seat tail-less experimental glider aircraft designed and built in Poland at Szybowcowy Zakład Doświadczalny (Glider Experimental Works) in Bielsko-Biała in 1951. Only one example was ever constructed (with registration SP-1220). See Wikipedia for more information.

The model is owned by Keith (seen launching the model) and piloted by Chris. Flight was from the North side of Crook Peak, Somerset.

Indoor Helicopter Time Trial

This is a video taken on the WMSA club night held on 12th May 2016 of a helicopter time trial. The winner was Terry Maynard. His epic flight is the last scene of the video.

Breezy day on Crook Peak, Somerset. These guys are busy concentrating on controlling their radio controlled gliders.

From the Steve Vincent stable a 2.6 Metre full house glider made out of mostly Correx with a little bit of hardwood bracing. He calls it the CorraSoara

Limbo Practice

This was a practice session for a Limbo competition that was to be held in February 2016. Unfortunately, because of weather conditions the competition was not held, but it was great fun practising.

It Pays to Have Rear Facing Camera

On the Razor, Crook Peak on a lovely late December day.  A rearward facing camera was attached to a large flying wing and the video recorded what happens next!

The full video can be viewed here.

BBC Film - Kestrels On The Edge

This is the film that the BBC produced for BBC One Show. WMSA members were involved in this film. For more information see news page and photographs taken on the day.

Terry Maynard's ASK18 Maiden Flight

Terry Maynard's 1/4 scale ASK 18 maiden flight on 27th May 2015. Pilot was Pat Teakle and launcher was Rob Cook. At the time of launch lift went off the slope. Note there is no sound.

Rhossili - 30th July 2104

In 2014 a small band of WMSA members went over the border to Wales with the aim of testing their flying skills away from the normal home comforts of flying up ‘The Peak’. This video was taken and edited by Pete Evans at Rhossili.

Note: for those people who would like to go to Rhossili the post code is SA3 1PL or you can click on this link to get a Google map of the area.


Nothing to do with gliding, but a video of Superman meeting his demise at the hands of 'expert WMSA pilot' Andy Davey. Some say he (Andy) has too much time on his hands and should get a proper job!

Superman is constructed with depron (closed cell styrofoam foam in sheet form), plywood and a few bits of carbon strips from a plan by Otto Dieffenbach. This was the third and final flight of Superman and the only one recorded on camera (thanks Martin). It was stated in the post flight debrief that he (Superman) may have encountered some kryptonite, but the reality was the pilot messed up! A bit blurry, but you will get the idea.

Slope Soaring on Crook Peak - Winter 2014

Pete Evans our club chairman compiled this video using content taken from his GoPro Hero 3 camera. One of the techniques used was time lapsed photography, e.g. photograph taken every 2 seconds then these pictures were strung together to run at 24 frames per second.

60 Minutes with Pat Teakle - Part 1

A video in two parts of Pat Teakle giving tips on glider building

60 Minutes with Pat Teakle - Part 2

A video in two parts of Pat Teakle giving tips on glider building

 Pete Evans Slide Show

This video was made by Pete Evans. It is actually a slide show put to music, but it shows Crook Peak, gliding and WMSA members doing their thing to very good effect.

National Trust - Love My outdoors

Here is a YouTube video made for the National Trust by a company called Wavedreamer (link) that was released in April 2013 as part of their "Love My Outdoors" promotion. WMSA members provided the gliding aspect of the film - don't blink we are not on for long.